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The Art of Influence                                                   $99.00

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Negotiation is a crucial part of the real estate process, it underpins everything we do. This CPD program is designed to give you practical tips on how to become more influential and a better negotiator in the process. This course does not dissect the process or fundamentals of negotiation but instead takes a look at the subtle art of influence.

12 CPD Points
Learning category 3


PSBA Act in Practice                                                $99.00

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The Property Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 is the primary piece of legislation that regulates the real estate industry. Compliance of this legislation is onerus at best and practical solutions to ensure the knowledge of staff and systems in your agency are up to date are essential.

In this program we will take a practical look at each section of the PSBA Act and introduce systems, procedures, forms and checklists designed to help with complying with the Act and good business practice. 

This course is a must for all agency staff, whether new to the industry or seasoned professionals.

12 CPD Points

Learning Category 3


Managing Conflict and Difficult People                                                 $99.00

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Having the tools to deal with conflict is an essential skill required by everyone in the property industry. Using these tools in an effective manner will ot only make your job easier but also cause less stress for you and your clients.

In this course you will learn how to turn complaining clients into clients for life.

12 CPD Points

Learning Category 3


An Agents Guide to Privacy                                       $99.00

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Privacy is everyone's business!
But it is often ignored due to the complex nature of compliance, this course is designed to demystify the legislative requirements of agents while providing practical tips for ensuring compliance.

12 CPD Points
Learning category 3      


Anti-discrimination                                                     $99.00

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Discrimination is much more subtle than mainstream racism or prejudice and while the vast majority of us would never expect to be caught up in such an issue, it can happen to anyone.

Due to the diverse nature of transactions undertaken in a real estate office, whether real or perceived, complaints of discrimination are very common, particularly for those in property management.

This program looks at anti-discrimination laws and will give you tools to ensure you have compliant and ethically robust systems and procedures in place to ensure a discrimination complaint never happens to you.

12 CPD Points
Learning category 3



Every agent is required to complete CPD annually before the renewal of their licence or certificate and with severe implications for agents that fail to meet their CPD obligations including the suspension or loss of licence, it is imperative that all comply.

for more information on CPD you can download a copy of the commissioner's guidelines for  CPD click the button below.


CPD or Continuing professional development is the annual training regime that must be completed by all agents that hold a property licence or certificate of registration in NSW. This training can be completed in a number of ways including via correspondence, face to face or online.
In most cases it will involve an assessment and will take 4 hours to complete.

CPD has been in place in NSW since 2003 and was implemented by the NSW Office of Fair Trading. Since the adoption of CPD in NSW a number of other states have implemented similar programs for licensed and registered agents. It is expected that all states will have followed suit by the time that the national real estate licence regime has been implemented (mid 2012).

The benefits to the industry that have been a result of the implementation of CPD are very obvious, with a dramatic increase in the knowledge levels, particularly concerning the legislative and compliance obligations, of the average agent increasing considerably over the last 6 to 7 years. Although due to the very high profile that negative stories involving agents get, it is hard to quantify how this knowledge has translated in respect of consumer confidence in the real estate industry. Which was the objective of continuing professional development in the first place.

What CPD subjects can I study

As long as the course you chose is aligned to one of the broad learning areas as prescribed by the NSWOFT then you can choose what ever interests you or is relevant to your area of practice.


broad learning areas include;

Trust accounting principles and audit requirements
Risk management
Strata and community managers
Stock and station agency practice
Legislation and compliance
Ethics and professional responsibility
Sale of business
Commercial and industrial property practice
Business practices
Sales practices
Marketing and quality control
Occupational health and safety
Property management
Property transaction legal requirements.

CPD Guidelines

Frequently asked questions

How long will does your CPD program take to complete?

Our CPD programs are designed to meet all the requirements of the Commissioner's guidelines as set by the OFT. Although our progams are self paced they all offer a minimum of 4 hours worth of content which therefore, entitle the learner to 12 points upon completion.

Your course are a bit cheaper than others, are you acreditted to provide the training you are offering?

All our programs are designed to be cost effective through maintaining low overheads, you will still get superior service and professionally printed certificates etc, however we only deliver online, which helps us keep costs down.

We are fully accredited to deliver all the programs we offer, as a national Registered Training Organisation. Our credentials can be checked on the regulators website training.gov.au

I have two categories of licence or certificate, do I need to do more than 12 points?

No, while this was the case when CPD was first introduced reforms made to streamline CPD eliminated the need for multiple licence holders to complete additional points.

Can I carry over CPD points from last year?

Yes, however you can only carry over a maximum of 11 points so you must complete  CPD training of some description each and every year.

I am not practising as an agent, do I still have to complete CPD?

Yes, if you plan on renewing your licence or certificate you must complete your CPD.

I forgot to complete CPD before I renewed my licence/certificate what do I do?

If you have renewed your licence or certificate without completing CPD then you may have made a false declaration to OFT when renewing, which is a serious matter which may have lead to action including cancelation or suspension of your licence/certificate. If in this situation you should get your CPD up to date as soon as possible.