The Real E-training story

Real E-training was founded in 2010, however, we have a strong foundation of experience based on more than two decades in the property industry.

Real E-training is the culmination of what founder and CEO Jamie Hammond saw as a need that had been ignored for way too long, sure there were training providers out there providing online training however none seemed to offer agents a practical and cost effective solution to their training needs. Too expensive, based on old difficult to use technology or more commonly not even really e-learning but in fact just CD's or flash drives marketed misleadingly as an online course was regular feedback that was received by Jamie's clients. So he decided to put his long and successful career to use to bring the industry what it had been asking for, a convenient and cost effective training solution.

Real E-training offers the latest technology in e-learning courses which means not only are our courses engaging but more importantly they are easy to navigate and require little to no technical skill, other than an ability to use the internet.

Apart from the commitment of bringing its students the best possible learning experience we have an equally unwavering commitment to providing the most cost-effective training possible, and to show you we are serious we stand behind our commitment by offering our price guarantee which means you will never pay too much for your training again.

Why choose Real E-training?

Our mission is to provide high quality and engaging training to those that have chosen to make a career in the property Industry. We endeavour to provide our students the tools they need to be ethical prooperty professionals and as such help to improve the real estate industry.

This is a mission that we strive to uphold in our interaction with every single student who entrusts us with their training needs. We believe this is what sets us apart form the rest.

Benefits to our students
  • Programs designed by Industry practitioners
  • Practical resources for students
  • Discounts for multiple booking
  • Convenient and cost effective
  • Full student support
  • State of the art e-learning portal
  • Relevant and up to date training
  • Lowest price, guaranteed
  • Access to training 24/7
  • Fast assessment turn around

What we offer

We offer a state of the art e-learning portal that allows our students to complete our training programs wherever they may be; at an open house, waiting for a client to arrive or any other time that suits them.

Our portal is accessible by any device with an internet connection so students can use their laptop, PC or even their ipad to complete their CPD, certificate of registration or licence training.